Heres the gain plan

Build with benefits that put your money to work. Grow your funds bit by bit with Round-ups and, with eligible deposits, earn up to 5.00% APY on your Savings.2

Pocket it for later

Create up to three custom pockets for the dreams, goals, and special-somethings unique to you and your life.

Examples of Custom pockets in the ONE mobile application. Three cells are stacked vertically reading Christmas Vacation - $397.00 5.00% APY, Rainy Day Fund - $624.00 5.00% APY, Game Tickets - $153.00 5.00% APY

Save smarter, not harder.
With Pay Autosave you can set aside a portion of each paycheck which can earn 5.00% APY.2

There's no such thing as small change

Round-ups are a simple way to grow your money as you spend your money. With every purchase, we round up to the next whole dollar and move the difference directly into your savings.

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  • Pockets are where your money is stored within your ONE Savings. You can create up to 3 custom pockets to help organize your savings.

  • In addition to your Checking and Savings you can create three custom pockets. You can change your goal or name of those pockets at any time, but you cannot create more than three.

  • Round-ups are an easy way to save every time you use your ONE debit card. When turned on, every debit card transaction you make is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the difference is transferred from Checking into your Savings. If the transaction doesn’t have any change, a full dollar will be transferred. Round-ups are transferred to your Savings at the end of each day in a single transaction.