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Shop from a rotating selection of your favorite brands and you can earn cash back right into your Savings.2

Earn 3% cash back at Walmart3

Low prices meet major cash back. Now, with eligible deposits, when you shop at Walmart in store or at you can earn 3% cash back on purchases — up to $50 a year.3

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  • You can see the current offers available on your Checking tab. Brands and offers rotate, so check back to see what’s new!

  • Once your purchase is complete, the cash back you earned will go to your Savings. To see how much you have earned in total, track your progress in One-ups.

  • These are cash back deals when you pay with your ONE account at a rotating selection of customer-favorite brands. To shop a One-tap offer, you must activate the deal you want to shop in the ONE app by tapping the offer. You can find them listed under Offers in your Checking tab, or under Cash back. Only one One-tap offer may be active at a time. Once the cash back has posted in your account, you can switch to another One-tap offer you'd like to shop. Offers are good for up to $10 cash back per brand, and are usually for a limited time, but it's best to check each offer.