How does One compare to Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo vs One Comparison Summary

Wells Fargo customers have fees or minimums where One customers do not pay any fees and do not have account minimums. Wells Fargo customers do not have the option to get paid early with direct deposit where One customers with qualifying direct deposits can get paid up to two days early.** Wells Fargo customers can only earn .01% APY on their Wells Fargo savings and .01% APY on automatic saving where One customers can earn 1.00% APY* in their Save Pocket and 3.00% APY* in their Auto-Save Pocket. Wells Fargo customers do not have the option to enroll in credit building where One customers can enroll in Credit Builder. Wells Fargo customers are limited to sharing an account with one person where One customers can share up to 99 Pockets.

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